alpha mass cycle

  1. alpha mass cycle

    is 4 weeks of alha mass (1-dhea) good for me at 6 caps a day, looking to bulk, or extend to 6 weeks...?

    pct ill be nolv, daa, erase

    past history test boosters and trifectastack

    updated stats: 5'10 185 lbs 12-13% bf

  2. tattoopierced1
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    4 or 6 weeks will be fine for Alpha Mass.

  3. Go 6 man make sure you have 2 bottles

  4. Do 6 weeks ramping up to a 4/4/4 dosing the last 2-3 weeks. Read BigRigatoni's log on his run. I agree that the addition of 4-ad would help with lethargy, or go with rs-transderm.
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