Is nolvadex alone good enough PCT?

  1. Is nolvadex alone good enough PCT?

    Is nolvadex alone enough for PCT, aside from the continuation of liver support?

  2. Depends on what you are running, duration, dosage, etc.

    Give us your cycle layout and stats

  3. Its just for estrogen... If your not using orals i guess so? Might have some libido probs

  4. M1T alone, with cycle assist! I knew what the Nolvadex was for, having just taken Pharmacology 1 and 2 I also know that it will help with lipid disfunction and off lable to increase spermatogenesis. What I don't know is what other things an oral prohormone effects. If it where straight up test I understand the gonadatropin axis quite well but I keep reading on different sites of people taking much more than just a SERM.

  5. nolva is fine for what your running

  6. You could run a test booster with the nolva to help out with libido and for a faster recovery.

  7. i'd use some DAA @3g day, i like torem because it's supposed to improve lipids profile (raise HDL, lower LDL) but nolva works well.

    use an AI to prevent estrogen rebound from the Nolva starting week 3 of your PCT, something like Erase dosed 3/3/2/1 (weeks 3,4,5, 6)

    other than that it's preference. But PHs mess up cholesterol, lipids, and trigylcerides usually a great deal.

  8. Thanks, I have some aromadex coming also was going to use the standard 1mg, Nolva helps with lipids also, atleast thats what my pharm professor says


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