Dimethazine and gyno?!?

  1. Dimethazine and gyno?!?

    So first time running this and I'm @ day 14 atm. My question is how can I tell if I'm getting any gyno? I know DMZ can't aromatize so not sure if I'm just being paranoid and what I'm noticing is just a little fat/water. No sensitivity in them, I'm just stressing about it. Also if I was to have gyno developing what would I use to combat this?

  2. you my friend are paranoid. How much are you using a day?

  3. if you develop gyno it will present its self without you having to check or look for it. if you can lay on your stomach with no problems you are def in the clear. Its normal for nips to get a little puffy/sensitive/weird feeling on cycle. If you were to get gyno you would counter it with letro, its never a bad idea to have letro on hand

  4. thanks guys I figured as much, will be picking up some letro though for future cycles. Running DMZ at 30 mg ED.

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