Sesathin and NO

  1. Sesathin and NO

    I remember reading that you shouldnt take any fat loss products like ECA while taking any NO products because they negate each other. Since NO also accelerates fat burning and is a vasodialater (sp?) , can I take Sesathin+ NO2?.. or will I lose the NO's effectiveness?

    thanks for answering

  2. I called BSN before I started taking Nitrix. I had bought a bottle of Xenadrine EFX (ephedra free) and the Nitrix bottle said not to take it with vaso constrictors because, like you said, would negate the effect of Nitrix. Anyway, the Nitrix rep told me that Xenadrine EFX was ok to use because it was ephedra free and that green tea would not have an effect. He said ephedra is a vaso constrictor and would negate the Nitrix effect. He also told me that glutamine would also negate the effect...
    Anyway, I don't think you'll have that problem with Sesathin, unless sesamin is considered a vaso constrictor...

  3. Go for it. As far as I know, sesathin is not a vasoconstrictor in anyway.

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