Properly maintaining gains post cycle? Some thoughts/oppinions

  1. Properly maintaining gains post cycle? Some thoughts/oppinions

    Hey guys I was just thinking of an efficient way to maintain gains post cycle...

    So from what I've read, maintaining gains post cycle is about keeping intensity in PCT, but while
    dropping volume down while one recovers

    First cycle i did was hdrol, in retrospect i think i spent too much of that cycle having fun! I spent
    most of that cycle doing 4-6 rep range every week, eventually got to 120lb dumbbells flat benching, but finally
    got injured a bit during cycle... I admit it was not as well planned as this one will be.

    I'm currently doing the usual upper/lower split, twice a week, one set of workout will consist of
    strength 4-6 rep stuff compounds, while keeping volume low, while the other workout is geared more towards
    hypertrophy with rep ranges in the 8-20 range, rest is @ 2 mins per set.

    So while on cycle (going to trenazone/stanodrol), no doubt my strength will be up, but I wonder
    your guys thoughts on this; my goal this cycle is to just gain mass, so I was thinking, should
    I just focus on hypertrophy on all 4 days, while increasing my strength in the 8-12,20 range?

    Then in PCT, i will drop my volume, say from 5 sets to 3 sets, but intensify each set and
    gradually return to having 2 strength days in the 4-6 rep range to help
    keep the muscle gains assuming diet is in check to allow the new muscle to be kept?

    I've notice with my body I do not grow very well in the 4-6 rep range (muscle wise), but i know
    of its importance to lift in this range, to increase my strength in the 8-12;20 range.

    Does this make any sense? Lol, sorry for wall of text, no cliffs guys, sorry! :P

    Let me know your thoughts

  2. I say keep going as strong as possible, but don't overdue it. Recognize that in PCT, especially after the first couple weeks, your lifts will taper to some degree. Eat big, stay in the gym, and go as strong as you can.

    I'm a month into PCT and I'm feeling great. I'm training in the 4-6 range myself. I believe I read that HIT type training is best in PCT, especially if you're going for mass. Your strength is going to be great from the tren and with that stack you should put on some lean mass.

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