Is it legal to travel with a PH?

  1. Is it legal to travel with a PH?

    Im going to be starting my PH of CEL Hdrol soon and have a trip planned to Canada. Is it legal to travel with the HDrol on an airplane?

  2. depends if its banned in canada. i know they have different laws as far as supplements go.

  3. I would not take them into a different country under any circumstances.

  4. what about in state is it illegal?

  5. Customs is crazy and anyone that has traveled out of the country knows that coming back is hell. Canada has some weird views on many things. Do your homework on this one. Good question though! I'm pretty sure that they are illegal.

  6. I went to Canada 3-4 years ago and brought a bottles of epi. They never checked. Also brought a 2lbs tub of protein and my vitamins that same trip. If u are worried, stash them into a different bottle.

  7. As long as they are in an unassuming bottle you will be fine.
    If my direct and cynical approach bothers you, just ignore it. I'm just saying what you need to hear ;).

  8. Quote Originally Posted by weezycon12 View Post
    what about in state is it illegal?
    I have flown between states before with LEGAL ph's and it has never been an issue. I wouldn't put them in your carry on baggage though. Put them in your checked baggage.

  9. it's best u check the banned substances list of canada... if it's not there on the list, then take a copy of the list when u travel.. so if worst comes to worst, u have an argument to present.

  10. I usually put whatever im taking in a 7-day pill organizer to look less conspicuous, they are OTC supplements after all.

    If i was flying to another country i would not take them, customs is pretty ****ty.
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