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    what do any of you guys out there take for your immune system when on a cycle? im on a deca/cyp cycle right now and i thought about taking some echinacea to try and boost it up a little bit, but didnt know. what about antibiotics if you get a pretty bad cold? can you take antibiotics when on a cycle?
    i am just feeling so worn down and out of it. i feel dizzy/lightheaded, congested, kind of dehydrated. i am in week 3 and i dont want to stop my cycle, im about to peak. any suggestions? any similar cases/experiences?

    thanks guys,


  2. vit C helps some.. I would not do the antibotics till you need them.. make sure you keep your water intake high and get some extra rest if you can..

    And yes there have been a large number of us that have suffered throught the "test flu".. just hang in there it does get better

  3. thanks for the reply d. im def going to pick up some vit c at the drug store tomorrow then. but, if it comes to it, then taking a round of antibiotics while on my aas cycle will be okay? will it affect gains? im taking a little over 1000mg of milk thistle, so the live wont be a problem, i just hate to mess up my gains. then again, i dont want to get pneumonia!!! thanks again.

  4. Take NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) it helps to boost glutathione levels, which is the master antioxidant and bolsters the immune system. Also helps the liver

  5. Start taking the Vit. C and NAC now to prevent taking the antibiotics, but if worse comes to worse take it because if you come down with a full blown flu or sickness, you'll have to stop your cycle anyways because you won't be able to train...sometimes you have to choose the lesser of two evils...

  6. thanks for the advice. im on it now. ill keep the board updated. i sure hope this goes away. this is my first cycle and im really happy with my gains (especially since i havent peaked yet!). so id hate to stop now. im willing to do everything i can to keep this going and prevent losing gains. so far.... hcg shot three times a week(mon/wed/fri), cyp/deca injection mon and thursdays, multi-vitamins, milk thistle, saw palmetto, protein shakes, nolvadex, weight gainer, eat eat eat, train, sleep, eat eat eat, and now adding to that the echinacea, NAC, and vitamin c. WOW!!! but its worth it. i just hope im doing everything right and it all works. thanks for all of the help guys. any more feedback is great! does all this look good?

    thanks again


  7. yea. vit C would do good, about a gram atleast

  8. Short term use of Echinecea has helped me along with zinc lozenges and elderberry

  9. definitely green tea for the immune system.

  10. man i feel like hell today. felt fine earlier, now its awful (and has been for a few hours). i feel sort of light headed/dizzy, but more just out of it. not so much like my head is stuffed up, just more like im dreaming. it is by far the weirdest i have ever felt. it feels sort of like exhaustion, but i dont know if thats what it is or not. i just feel odd and really worn down. im really debating stopping the cycle, or just dropping one. i really, really, really dont want to do that. but if i do, i may just drop the deca and continue on with the test cyp. i dont know, any suggestions?

  11. Don't take antibiotics.
    I wish I had some specifics for you but the antibiotics kill off good bacteria also (intestinal) this can reduce the reabsorption of many drugs. I'm sure someone here knows more about how it would effect AAS and anti-e's but the general rule (in a healthcare environment) is to avoid antibiotics if possible.


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