old guy new tricks, help needed

  1. old guy new tricks, help needed

    Starting first Ph cycle, winadrol. Thinking of stacking with AM. Any suggestions?

  2. What is AM? Andro-Mass?

    Andromass (supposedly) will convert into Test and 1-Test, both good mass and strength builders, and winadrol is good for strength and recomposition. You can run both of them together for 6-8 weeks since they aren't methylated. I think it will be a mild stack, and probably one with decent gains.

    Get some arimidex in case you run into estrogen problems from the andromass, and you can even use it for pct later on. Also get some nolvadex or clomid for pct as well.

    Don't need any cycle support, other than eating clean, a multi, fish oil, etc.

    You might also think about using some creatine during pct and beyond, to help maintain strength and size gains.

  3. If that's the route you go, at least have something for blood pressure.
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  4. 1 aspirin a day would fix that, or a small dose of taladafil...

  5. I'm not sure how old you are but as we get older our testosterone production naturally begins to slow down while estro remains constant. As an older BB'er myself I don't like anything too suppressive. My personal favorite is 11 Spray. It's very mild as far as test suppression is concerned making it easy to recover. Typically, the harsher the product, the larger the gains and the greater the tendancy to be supressive. As Dinoiii always says "health before vanity".

  6. Adding some transderm will provide test to an oral cycle. Its not going to be like if you were going to pin 300-500mg but will surely be noticable.

  7. winadrol from ctd labs? wish that company was still making anabolic compounds, they had some good sht.

    anyhow, winadrol from ctd labs contains furazabol-thp ether aka "fura"

    run the andromass/winadrol for 4 weeks. i'd recomend adding something like stanodrol for another 4 weeks after the andromass, but it would depend on what your pct looks like.

    no estrogen worries with andromass unless you are running a high dosage, (like 12 caps e/d) esp if you are using fura with it.
  8. Thanks

    That is what I need. Honesty. CTD doesn't sell it anymore but........ Will have to do another couple of hours of research just to understand your suggestions. All good! Thanks again!!!!!! Seriously no cycle assist needed? What about joint dry and stiffness? Keep the opinions and suggestions coming!!!!!

  9. no, only thing you could do to make the cycle better would be to get another bottle of the fura compound.

    run it at 200mg + 6 caps e/d of the andromass for 4 weeks, then stanodrol for another 4 weeks.

    but, what is your pct plan?


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