This is my second cycle of PH. I run Katanadrol for 6 weeks and loved it. Here is what I have on hand, 1 bottle of Epi-strong, 90 Kdrol's left from last run. I plan on running Forma-stanzol during cycle and PCT. Additionally I have HCgenerate, forged post cycle, CEL cycle assist. I wanted to run a 4 week cycle. If you were me how would you guy's lay it out? Here is what I was thinking.

Epi - 30/30/30/30
kdrol- 0/28/35/35
forma- 5 pumps twice a day
cel Assist- per bottle


HCgenerate- per bottle/ 4 weeks
forma- 5 pumps twice a day
forged post- per bottle/ 4 weeks

The only thing I have not gotten yet is my SERM. Which would you take Clom or Nolva? I have a good source for both in liquid form. What would you dose at, for how long????