M4OHN stacking: with M5AA or Mdien ?

  1. M4OHN stacking: with M5AA or Mdien ?

    Any opinions on which would be better for strength, hardness, and retention of gains, or if either would be substantially more dangerous? Mdien seems to be harsher. Both stacks seem to be potentially good for these purposes. Anyone tried both, or have opinions on a comparison (aside from don't stack methyls)? And for anyone with good M5AA experience, is it exclusively advisable to use it in moderate-high doses, but only p/w, or are people using it every day? Any possible complications with either stack, for those more learned in chemical interactions?

  2. M5AA definately. You can/should use it ED. Start @ 40mg and work up until you like the effects.

  3. I've been very happy with a M1T/M4OHN stack I'm running. I have a log posted.......he said log

  4. PPl r reporting great results with 10+ mgs of mdien.

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