Kiddo's beastdrol/Dieselbolan 2.0 cycle

  1. Kiddo's beastdrol/Dieselbolan 2.0 cycle

    Whats up everyone, I am actually new to this forum but am starting a new cycle and decided to log it here. I've read numerous articles here on AM and just thought I should contribute to the wealth of information.

    To start off, Im 27 years old. Been lifting for about 4 years now; 6 ft tall, 180 lbs, 8% bf.

    BB Bench: (2RM) 250
    Squat: (2RM) 325

    I will be taking 3 caps beastdrol ED, with 2 caps dieselbolan ED. 1 beast and 1 diesel in the AM, 1 beast mid day, and 1 of each again at night.
    Goals: 300 bench, 400 squat, and 200 lbs.

    Will Start Dosing Tomorrow!

    Thanks for any support guys.

  2. do not stack those 2 products. Esp if your using 30mg beastdrol. too much methyl ph's for your liver to handle...... Bridge them.

  3. Honestly, I was on the fence about this already. So, I will just drop the diesel for now and run 3 caps beast ED and maybe 4 later in the cycle. Thanks

  4. 40mg of beast is also a very bad idea.

  5. I've run beast before, and kept the dose at 3 a day except for a few days in between when going for pr's i've used 4 before; and my body responds fine to it. I appreciate the input on that as well though.

  6. alright man, cant say we didnt warn ya.

    If you have the time and engery, please log this cycle, esp the wks @ 40mg. Lots of people would be interested in the results.

  7. Good luck man....glad to see you aren't stacking the two....i'll follow to watch your progress

  8. On mrsupps page it states it can be run as high as 5 caps per day but they recommend you be an extremely advanced user/lifter.

  9. Alright guys, day 2 today of 30 mg beast. Had a great chest workout hit 285 on bench for 2. This was most likely not the beast, more just mental and ive been hitting my chest hard lately. This log will get more detailed as I hit my 7th day or so when it starts to really take affect.
    Weight is up 1.5 lbs, but have been eating everything in sight.

  10. i wouldn't start off at 30mg, the sides can get really harsh, you should do something closer to 10/20/20/30 pr 20/20/30/30

    you might feel fine now but the lethargy is gonna be terrible in like 2-3 weeks. i'm telling you from experience, i just finished it in september.

  11. If you're going to run at 30mg you might want to throw in some transaderm to help combat the libido

  12. yeah @ 30mg you will need the transderm, esp by day 8-10

  13. Alright guys, So the real logging begins! I have been taking 3 pills ED (30 mg), one day i did miss a single dose due to work. I am up about 7.4 lbs, No noticeable water being retained but i'm sure its there. Today I did chest and triceps and let me tell you; This **** is crazy! I warmed up with 15 mins on the arc trainer, and went to incline BB (135 for 10, 185 for 10, 205 for 10, 225 for 10, 250 for 8 and 275 for 2) After that I went to a flat bb but only did close grip, (155 for 12 for 3 sets.) I dont know how to explain this feeling, I pick up weights that used to be heavy as **** and they feel like air, also my recovery and endurance is that of a ****ing monster. After that i hit dips with an added 90 lbs, 3 sets of 15. Finished off with pec dec machine, 175 for 8; 150 for 12, and 135 for 27. After this i wanted to keep going but had to get back to work. Sorry about my language guys haha but i'm ****ing pumped for the rest of this cycle, looking into transaderm but if someone wants to pm me a place to get this for cheap it would be greatly appreciated. Tomorrow is LEGS stay tuned guys and thanks for all of the support. PLEASE, if you see any flaws in my routine i am always open to constructive criticism.

  14. how many days into the cycle??

  15. Are you going to log here or use a new thread?

  16. 7 days in guys, and i figured i'd just keep it here

  17. Cool man sounds good...keep us posted!

  18. 7 days and 7.5lb up....looks good

  19. What's your newest stats? I just started a beastdrol cycle today and curious what kind of gains to expect...


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