new postcycle questions

  1. new postcycle questions

    I plan on running clomid through a standard stage, 300mg 1st day, 100mg 2nd day, etc... for 3 weeks and i can get it for a decent price... BUT nolvadex is expensive...

    so i was wondering should i run clomid with 6-oxo? or is 6-oxo not even in the same league? it recovered me ok from a hefty cycle of T1 PRO and T4, but this is my first real cycle of the good stuff... so i'm curious if i should just run clomid and not waste my time with 6-oxo

    cycle is 120mg EOD fina, 500mg weekly 4-ad cyp

  2. Any reason you want to run two anti-e's at the same time? Clomid should be enough. If you want a source for cheap nolva pm me, but you probably won't need it. If you have 6oxo on hand that would work if estrogen sides start happening.

  3. just curious; because i've seen nolvadex run in tandem with clomid; along with others too; just curious if i'd get any kind of benefit (like if clomid kills different estrogens or does it totally different than 6-oxo, etc)

  4. I believe that they are very similar Bean


  5. Clomid, Nolvadex and Testosterone Stimulation****6&page****72

    Understanding Post Cycle T Recovery****7&page****77

    Clomid and Nolvadex

    Most articles I read recommend Nolvadex over Clomid, but most steroid users prefer Clomid over Nolvadex post cycle. Really, either one would do. I think it has a lot to do with price, availability & preference.

  6. Clomid or novla by itself should be fine for recovery.

    I would however like to take a second to ask...why is it that no one here bitches about the price of gear or PHs..yet whines , moans and complains about post cycle anciliary prices?

    recovery is as important..if not MORE important, than the cycle itself. Why would you get cheap NOW? The quicker you are back running natty test..the more you DONT be cheap about it.

  7. LOL.. I guess we are just cheap bastards Wardog

  8. i hear ya on the ancillary prices...

    the funny thing is; i can get 3 weeks cycle worth of clomid for cheaper than 6-oxo...

    i'll just run clomid

  9. make sure u run hcg with ur post cycle therapy , its only like 30 bucks for 10000 iu , enuf for a cycle . so please dont neglect this .

  10. is HCG a schedule III drug?

  11. hcg schedule in the usa differs in diff states , please check ur state laws .

  12. my state is alabama, gonna have to dig for that one; damn state is so primitive i bet the info isn't even available on the net

  13. Bean.. I tell you bro.. the State Laws are a pain in the ass to research.. I was looking the other night and I couldn't even find the classifcation of gear on our State Justice Department Website.. so if you find anything PM please..


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