Just started.

  1. Just started.

    Hey, New to the Forums, but I have decided to start my first cycle. Right now using Finaflex 1-Andro and MMV3, MMV3 im up to 4 pills a day and 3 pills of Fina right now.

    I`m 5'9, 165 lbs and have been lifting and working out since i was 13 or 14 (Im 21 now). Just curious on how my Diet should look for using these supps, the same as a natural bodybuilder? I`m going for gaining muscle, but I would like to (as most people do) keep my gut as small as possible haha but with decent gains all around.

    Currently taking a liver support supplement, and hawthorne berry pill as well (not sure on what dosage i should need) but takign these until Cycle support shows i nVIA the mail ( should be about 2 more days).

    Deciding on weather or not to start taking the Formadrol Extreme now (durring cycle) and the lower end dose just for pre-cautionary measures and then use the Finaflex Revolution Black as pct? or what? Honestly Im not too well educated in this area. I just have both procuts, so why not put them to use?

    Any tips, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and i did search around the forums a bit before posting.

  2. why did you start taking all this sh1t before you knew what you were doing?? Your 21 and using anabolics?? why, ? you still have lots of natural T in your body??

    Dont take your formadrol now, save it for pct with the rev. black. Also get some DAA for pct, you will need it, its very cheap + effective. Stop this cycle at 4wks, keeping it short wont allow you to mess your hormones up as much.

  3. so you've been training for almost 10 years and only weigh 165lbs?

    in my opinion, you've dicked around in the gym and since you've got no discipline, poor diet, and poor training; you want to juice.

    good luck with all that

    strong first post

  4. I have made it to 180 naturally, at about 10-12% and due to other goals i came back down to about 160% at like 8%. My diet isnt horrible,I know WHAT to eat (i actually eat clean) Just not sure what Macro`s I should hit while on this cycle. i was just wondering what/if any difference there is between dieting on and off these products. AND I did some research not as much as i should have, before deciding to take these, and I just found this site the other day. Apologies for the post, but thanks for the feedback, and yea, I only planned on a 4 week cycle.

  5. how long does it take you to wash your food?

    what do you expect out of this cycle?

  6. If by asking that, are u asking if i eat strictly organic? Well not STRICTLY organic.

    From this cycle I want to just get some strength and size, a gain of a possible LEAN 5 lbs. Maybe im ignorant in that aspect, yes its true i have no experience with it and I`m not sure what to expect.I just know some people that these have worked well for, no excuse for ignorance though i suppose.

  7. you could get those kind of results from a decent calorie surplus and no chemical help

  8. Honestly, your right... Im HOPING...for more than that i guess. Im not running the cycle long, i guess i was just curious on the use of these products and what it could offer me, as I have some friends who have had some good success with these products and others. Granted, they are older than me, so my age is definitely something i should have considered. Now if my older friends just understood how to diet for each of their goals they`d have amazing physiques, but then again, who couldn't use a little clean up in their diet?


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