Work Travel in the middle of PCt

  1. Work Travel in the middle of PCt

    So, this issue just came up...

    I got scheduled for an emergency work trip, out to California, and will have to catch a flight as I'm right in the middle of PCT... I'll be out from Thursday - Sunday and will have to fly. Problem is, I'm obviously taking my Nolva right now, and considering that's not 100% "legal", how do I go about not screwing my PCT up? Should I just continue with the Erase and other stuff and go without Nolva for a few days and just pick it back up when I'm back and can go back to taking it?

    This is week 2 of PCT and I'm only taking 10mg a day now, so not horrible, but still, kinda iffy about it. Just go with it?
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  2. nolva's half life is about 5 days or so, so a few days not on it wont be the best but it will still be in your system.

    I am guessing you have a liquid version?? Still take all other pct products and get back on the nolva when you return. Aside that, theres little you can do.

  3. why not take your nolva with you? I never had a problem with it, they never look at your supps. you could jut check it too.

  4. Well, even if I do check it, you never know when something can go wrong, especially with things like this. If for some reason they stop me and I get caught I may be in a world of trouble, so would rather stray away from the chance that something like that happens...

    Should I take a higher dosage before I go? Or just stick to normal?
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  5. May be take a 10mg's extra the day leave but thats it.



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