alpha mass pct?

  1. Red face alpha mass pct?

    Hey AM peeps, I wanna run Alpha Mass from FRL which is 1-dhea, for 6 weeks at the standard dose (caps spread in doses, 300 mg total). My goal is some size and strength and for pct I have about 25 days worth of Nolva and also wanna use natty boosters and erase. Can someone please recommend how I could incorporate both nolva and tboostersfor my PCT?

    alpha mass weeks 1-6
    nolva and t booster weeks 7-10
    erase weeks 10-12 to prevent estro rebound

  2. anyone? any FRL reps?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by massolic View Post
    alpha mass weeks 1-6 Looks good.
    nolva and t booster weeks 7-10 Looks good.
    erase weeks 10-12 to prevent estro rebound Go weeks 8-12 as it also modulates cortisol which is imperative in PCT.
    I also suggest adding TCF-1 (instead of any number of random test boosters), I can get you a decent discount as well. Let me know via PM if you're interested.
    Sustain Alpha is back!

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