Help Needed, Testosterone Advice, Possible Hair Loss?

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    Help Needed, Testosterone Advice, Possible Hair Loss?

    Greetings, Im excited to join the forum and I have some things I was hoping some of you could help me with.

    I have been interested in taking my first pro hormone and was thinking about going with the Methyl-1D trifecta stack. Now my biggest concern to be honest is hair loss. Does anyone know if taking 1 cycle of a pro hormone will cause any possible hair loss if you run the pro hormone for 6 weeks with a liver support and then follow it up with Formadrol for 6 weeks as a PCT?

    Im 29 years old, have a full head of hair, but its just not as thick as it used to be when I was younger and I would like to keep it all. Is there anything else that could be safer to run that wont have any of these negative side affects? I was also looking at a product called Mass FX as an alternative, any feed back on that?

    Thanks for your help.

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    check this out: (a run down of which steroids are okay on the hair and which are not).

    a prohormone cycle of an androgenic compound will trigger male pattern baldness.
    make sure you know what you're getting into
    My Little Site about Hair Loss & Anabolics-
    hair loss from steroids dot com

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