Differences in prop and phenylprop?

  1. Differences in prop and phenylprop?

    I understand that they more or less have the same half life of around 4.5 days, phenprop may be a tad longer. But since phenprop is a heavier ester, does it not have the "sting" that normal prop does???

  2. i may be wrong but i am fairly certain that the sting come from high ba and not the hormone itself.

  3. My Prop isn't at a very high BA at all compared to some others I have seen and it still has some bite to it.

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  4. depends on how you make it but yes

  5. I think the initial sting at the time of injection is mostly due to BA.

    I believe I read (but I could be remembering wrong) that the pain you feel the next day or 2 (or even 3) after a prop injection is because the prop ester dissolves leaving residual crystals in the muscle. I guess that's why it feels like I was shot with a shot gun.

    After you have hit a muscle a few times the pain from prop greatly diminishes - although I don't know why.



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