Washing clothes...

  1. Washing clothes...

    Guys I am almost ready to try my first cycle, but I have a few questions still. I am happy that I have held off so long, because every couple days I come up with a question I think is important.

    I am concerned about PH coming of my skin and getting on my clothing. My wife washes all of our(wife,kid,mine) clothing together. Will this pose any problems?

  2. No what he is worried about is that the prohormone might get into the kids or wife's clothes through leaching.. I don't think that the amount that would get through would be a very large amount.. just because the amount that would get on your clothes would be a very small amount then the amount that stay there would be a small amount. So to answer you question I don't see that it would be a problem

  3. Another thing to keep in mind is that the PH's need the penetration enhancers to cross the skin.  You can powder up with dry PH's and very little will get through since there is no penetration enhancement.  IMO, there is little chance of cross contamination due to washing clothes in a common load.


  4. also dont think the amount that might leach/rub off from your clothes to that of the rest of the families'. Over the winter break, i stayed with my parents and sister and even with my clothes mixed with the rest in the laundry basket and washer/dryer, none of em complain about irritation of any kind. However, always be careful, apply what bdc recommended. Best to be safe. Sage

  5. great guys, appreciate the insights...



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