Hi, I just need some help or advice on which supp would be a better fit for my goals and needs at the moment. Over the past 2 years I have ran a cycle of Halotest from Powerlabs Nutrition and a cycle of M-Drol from CEL. I really liked the results I had from the M-drol and I've been looking for something similar to it. A couple people have suggested trying out IronMagLabs Super DMZ Rx. My only quarrel with this I have to keep a decent 2 to 3 mile run time, Preferably under a 7min mile, and by the way it sounds is Super DMZ will pack on quiet a bit of lean muscle which is exactly what I'm looking for but I'm worried that will destroy my run time. Another person suggested trying out an epi clone because it can help increase my endurance and still pack on a decent amount of lean muscle. So my main questions are which would be better for me to use to grow and still keep a good run time? Will an epi clone in fact help improve my run and if epi seems to be the better fit what company or companies would be best to look at for this product?