so now i have sludge in my leg...

  1. so now i have sludge in my leg...

    i just made some 1test cyp sunday evening, and i though i have succesfully made it to be 185mg/ml at 27 ml. just to be sure i was going to let it sit for a day. it looked perfectly fine after that so i decide to inject, it was painless well come a day or two later my leg starts cramping in pain, but i just have to brush it off, but as im cleaning my room the damn 1-test turned into sludge. damn this sucks ill be in pain for at least a week.

  2. I have always home brewing injectables was insanity for this verry reason.

  3. imo hombrew can be far superior to produced injectible if done right. this happens to be my first **** up and it isnt any fun...

  4. Man that ****in sucks.

    What exactly was all in it????? And how did you prepare it??

  5. Any clue as to what went wrong ??

  6. i cant say that was absolutly the wierdest homebrew ive ever seen. i suppose in high concentrations, 1-test takes longer to settle than most other compounds, hence the illusion that the 185mg/ml worked. anyways pains gone in one leg but now my other leg is sore from denkall test(damn vet gear) now and i converted it all to 100mg/ml, i just want to know how the hell sledge did the 200mg/ml conversion.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by flava
    i just want to know how the hell sledge did the 200mg/ml conversion.


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