First PH cycle (Havoc)...need advise

  1. First PH cycle (Havoc)...need advise

    Sup all,

    New member looking for sound advise regarding my planned Havoc cycle.

    A little background:

    I'm 31 years old, stand 6ft, weigh 250, and sit at about 13-14% bf. I've been lifting for about 10 years (seriously anyways) and have 1 Test-E cycle under my belt about 5 years ago (love that stuff). I'm a pretty muscular dood being 250 and all but looking to step my game up to the next level (stuck on a plateau for the past 2 years). I've been looking into PH supplementation for sometime now just never really committed until yesterday when I ordered some RPN Havoc and now I'm trying to put together a respectable cycle that will yield good gains. My training and diet will be on point as I've learned that over the years but really need help with the supplement side and thought this would be the place to come. So without dragging on, take a look at what I've come up with and help a brother out. I appreciate the feedback.

    Solo Havoc Cycle:
    week 1: 30 mg/day
    week 2: 30 mg/day
    week 3: 30 mg/day
    week 4: 40 mg/day

    CEL CYCLE ASSIST - 2 week pre-load and throughout cycle and PCT
    Himalaya Liv.52 - 2 week pre-load and throughout cycle and PCT

    SERM (Toremifen)
    week 1: 120 mg/day
    week 2: 60 mg/day
    week 3: 60 mg/day
    week 4: 60 mg/day

    Cortisol control: Lean Extreme (3 caps/day for all 4 weeks of PCT)
    Test Booster: DAA - Primordial Performance TCF-1 (10mL/day) starting the last two weeks of PCT or should I use throughout PCT or beyond?

    Thanks fellas and look forward to the feedback.

    - J

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