Whatman filter with 1 test cyp?

  1. Smile Whatman filter with 1 test cyp?

    Should I run VPX 1 test cyp through a whatman oil filter before pinning it? Just worried about the unsealed (potentially unsterile) vial it comes in. ( it can be unscrewed, unlike a crimped vial)

  2. YES! anything short of heat sterilization plus a run through a .45 filter (preferably .22) is irresponsible.

  3. There is a nice alternative to VPX 1-test avilable.

  4. Filtering alone is good enough. Don't bother with heating unless the soln is too turbid to filter.

  5. It's got BA. It's sterile.
    Plus I think BigSwole has some extra 1-test cyp for sale in the Swap Meet.



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