First cycle: Purus Labs Halovar

  1. First cycle: Purus Labs Halovar

    I have just started week three of a five week run on halovar. So far have noticed great increases in strength and a little of size. Lots of extra energy in the gym. Ive gained about 6lbs so far seem to be getting quite a bit more lean and my muscles feel a lot harder. Only minor side effects notticed such as acne on face and back and feel like my body is running a little hotter than normal through out the day. So far I like this ph and will put up stats soon. I do have some questions but first here is the cycle...

    Halovar 50/50/75/75/75

    Other supplements:
    Orange Triad, Flax seed oil, organ shield, casein in morning, whey after work out

    Liquid Tamox 20/20/10/10
    Purus Labs Recycle

    I have a couple of questions for yall and feel free to put in your two cents if any of the pros out there have any advise...

    Should I start Recycle immediately after finishing cycle or 14 days after?
    Is there anything I should add on this cycle or for pct?

  2. Ended up running this at 50/50/75/100/100/100 and only have a few days left to go now. Started getting back pumps when I increased to 100mg but taurine took care of that for me. Gained 8lbs now although cant really see it anywhere just my muscles feel denser. Thinking of using otc pct and just keeping my nolva on hand since it is so mild although been using for 6wks now so not sure probably just end up taking it... Better safe than sorry. Will post end results in a few weeks after pct.

  3. use a AI in pct. pct should be nolva + recycle + forma stanzol or erase, etc.

  4. The recylce has an AI in it and is supposed to be an all in one otc pct and I have only seen good reviews about it. I figured since I was using Purus Labs anyway I would use their organ and pct products as well. I have nolva but in your opinion do you think it is absolutley nessacary for this cycle or could I just keep it on hand?

  5. run the nolva bro, you will recover much much better, theres a reason why people who run a serm never go back to otc pct's

  6. Run the nolva with Recycle definitely. Halo is actually pretty suppressive.
    Head Purus Labs Rep


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