which cycle for lean mass, high libido, good recovery??

  1. which cycle for lean mass, high libido, good recovery??

    Hi guys,
    I am looking at a Test, tren, eq cycle but want to keep Libido HIGH. I got awesome advice on, "cycle 1" here, but my coach confused me by recommending another dosage schedule based on my stats. I was wondering if you guys could give me insight on which cycle to go with that will keep Libido high and also work on that lean mass building.....Thanks guys. Both cycles are below:

    Cycle 1:

    age - 27
    cycle - 3rd
    status - competitor (offseason)
    height -5' 3''
    weight - 155lbs
    Goal: about 10lbs of lean mass while keeping bloating under control, Libido HIGH, fat gain low, and a quick recovery

    I am looking at running a 12 week test e, tren A, and eq cycle.

    1-12 - test e @ 1000mg/week (E3D dosing or 2x per week)
    1-10 - tren A @ 400mg/week (EOD dosing or 4x per week)
    1-10 - eq @ 600mg/week (E3D or 2x per week)
    1-12 - 75mg/day proviron
    1-14 - 0.5 mg caber (E3D or 2x per week)
    1-12 - Arimadex @ 0.25 (EOD or 4x per week)

    2 Weeks Before End of Cycle: hcg @ 1500IUs 3 times a week
    1 Week Before End of Cycle: hcg @ 1500IUs 3 times a week
    First Week post-cycle: hcg @ 1500IUs 2 times a week

    Day 1 Post Cycle: Clomid @ 300mg
    Days 2-14: Clomid @ 100mg ED
    Days 15-28: Clomid @ 50mg ED

    Days 1-28: nolva @ 20mg ED

    Cycle 2:
    1-12: test e @ 500mg/week
    1-11: eq @ 600mg/week
    1-6: tren ace @ 100mg EOD (400mg/week)
    1-12 proviron @50mg/day (350mg/week)
    1-12 caber @ 0.5 E3D (1g/week)
    1-12: Arimadex @ 0.25mg/EOD (1g/week)
    3-10: hcg @250iu/week
    1-12 HCGenerate

    PCT would be the same as I listed above.

  2. cycle 2, IMO. but use the HCGenerate in PCT rather than on cycle. The caber and hcg will keep your dick working right. run the EQ the full 12, no reason to stop at 11. The clomid dose is wayyy toooo highhh.

    day 1 100mg
    2-15 50mg
    16-30 25mg


    ntbm transderm would also help things out to with libido and lethargy. 3 pumps a day would do it since you ll be on the test, and the bottle would last 100 days at that dose.

  3. Thank you so much for the advice. I'll do all that you suggested

    Would you recommend bumping test to 750 a week or maybe bringing eq down to 400?
    Simply because I was reading up on test being higher than eq for avoidance of libido issues.

    I was thinking of bumping to 750/week of test and doing all else the same plus your recommendations??

  4. When i was on Tes/EQ i was running T 500,EQ 400. never had a problem with lady friends, that was in my college yrs too....i had to keep 3 gf's happy. so i wouldnt worry too much about it, also being on caber + hcg....your fine.

  5. Can I add
    NTBM transderm to my test, tren, eq cycle too? I hear it can aid with libido and well-being while on??
    Or would it be overkill with 500-750 test, 400 tren, 600 eq, 250iu hcg per week, 0.5 proviron ED??



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