a little confused about T1pro

  1. a little confused about T1pro

    Im convinced Im going to buy some, but heres my questions.

    let me first post my stats. about 5'7 180 @12-13%bf

    looking to be 180+ @6-10%bf

    how many mg/ml is in the T1pro

    what dosages should one use? how much how often?

    I am looking for gains in LBM

    any help would be appreciated. thanks


  2. T1-Pro is 240ml of gel, with 10g of 1-test and 5g of 4-AD
    This works out to
    41.667mg/ml 1-test
    and 20.833mg/ml 4-AD

    The reccomended first cycle dosing is 2ml 2x a day for 4 weeks. This will use up ~120ml total.


  3. thanks

    would there be any benefits to running it longer then 4 weeks?

    I understand it shuts down natural test production after 4 weeks, however I have clomid on hand so it wouldnt be a problem.


  4. This thread here has great info regarding dosing and cycle length.


  5. it is found through trail and error that most of the gains from 1-test come in the frist 4 weeks.. If you go six it will just solidify the gains more. It is up to you.. talk to ya...
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  6. thanks....big help...and a great site!!!



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