M drol vs h drol

  1. M drol vs h drol

    Whats tge best on tge liver side? Iknow gains are better but tgey are both toxic so why is one worst tgen the other. ?

  2. M-Drol is less toxic but goes w/o saying its the stronger of the 2, h-drol does nothing for me.

  3. because superdrol is di (meaning two, 2a methyl & 17a methyl) methylated dht

    and hdrol is just 17a methyl 4chloro dehydro androstenediol. there are a number of reasons why the two differ in a/a effects and hepatotoxicity.

  4. Oh right, are they realy as bad as everyone is saying? H drol that is?

  5. I was under the impression hdrol was less toxic than mdrol...??

  6. hdrol isn't bad at all unless abused.

  7. H-Drol is much less toxic IMO. Having used both, H-Drol for 6 weeks at 100 mg a day does wonders, leans you up a bit and also increases lean muscle. I have dropped 10 lbs of good weight and increased in strength by about 20 lbs on each lift and have kept most of it after PCT.

    M-Drol is awesome, and very toxic but the sides can be prevented with Liv.52 and Hawthorne Berry for blood pressure. Gains are phenomenal but they are difficult to maintain fully because its best advised to do only a 4 week cycle.

    Also, if it's your first cycle, be hesitant to use M-Drol. I've used D-bol and H-drol before my first M-drol cycle and my immune system pretty much went down 3 days into it and I weigh 250. 10 mg is where its at for me, but everyone's different, just do your research because you only have one liver.

  8. Yh see i have 2 tubs of h drol i want to run it but i want to run it right i have all my sups and my serm ( nolva ) ima used it for 5 weeks maybe 6 see how tge sides are now this is what i need help on guys ... Trainibg and diet ... Now

    Training ima try do sets under a min insted of waiting.a min .. Il hit it alil longer but not by much just ve adding a extra set ...

    Diets going to be atleast 3200 cals with atleast 240g of pro ..... Its just what about on pct? Do i keep it the same? Or do i go to maintence to try keep fat down? Please guys i need your honest advice? Thanks y

  9. Yh i don't think i will ever hit m drol id rather do a test cycle ... I think ima try this h drol one time see how i get on then do a test cycle next year ... But if you can add help on here please id be so greatful

  10. I bailed out on an hdrol cycle 3 months ago due to anxiety issues and world class back pumps. I was taking 50 a day. In just 3 days I felt an increase in strength and actually gained some muscle. This was, by the way, my first ph cycle. I hated to dump the cycle but I was world class freaked out. I'm giving it another go in a few months with estane. I'll have plenty of taurine on hand and will be a little more prepared mentally for the cycle. I guess my point is to take it slow and be prepared for everything.....mentally and physically.

  11. Sry to hear that bro, yh im 100% ready i jjst need afew things cleared realy

  12. Correction....

    Quote Originally Posted by Delta Force View Post
    M-Drol is MORE toxic but goes w/o saying its the stronger of the 2, h-drol does nothing for me.


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