New to this! Please HELP! :)

  1. New to this! Please HELP! :)

    Hello, I am new to the homebrewing style.
    I would love to learn how to create my own
    injectables the homebrewing way. If there is anyone
    that could help teach me, through AIM or E-mail or anything
    that would be awesome! I would appreciate it brothers!
    Im looking to homebrew my own AAS cycles if its possible.
    As you can tell I dont know much, but Im desperately
    wanting to learn how! Please help!

    Thanks so much!!!

  2. If you have the patients to learn there is more than enough info to learn by reading/searching the forum. If you want a powder source, no one will hand you that. you could start by reading stickies in the "conversion" forum. If you have any specific questions on something that just doesn't add up to you then ask advice and I'm sure bros' will help.

  3. ok but why couldn't i get someones AIM name or something to talk to em'
    instead of being a ghost on the site and just searching through crap
    Id rather get to know someone and have them help me out and stuff one on one
    so they can answer any unique and personal questions that I have


  4. BECAUSE IT ISN'T SAFE TO DISCUSS THIS OVER AIM.. Damn son, are you trying to get your assed popped by the cops? If you are you are doing an outstanding job..
    On a side note, if you can't follow some of the recipes on the forums, then you have no freakin business homebrew or using gear for that matter..

  5. wow no need to be so angry

    im new as i said, and i wanna learn, doesnt mean you have to bash everything i say

    you could have privately told me this through a PM...... ughh

  6. besides, after reading a little you'll find out most of your questions arn't all that unique and have been covered several times over. By taking the time to "be a ghost on the site" you'll learn alot more in the process. The reason Mathew D was so quick to set you straight is because it seams like you want someone to figure everything out for you. The people that get shown the most respect around here are also the one's with the most patients to learn; so have a little and you'll fit right in.

  7. No actually I had to .. because if I had let you slide then things would have gone down hill from there.. one of the jobs is to keep NEW members on the straight and narrow path.. sometimes I have to use the club of public humiliation to do that..

  8. that guy probably is a cop

  9. lol Im not a Cop

    and to mathew d.... im patient man, no worries! and im not mad at you bro for settin me straight, i agree i probably shouldnt be talkin bout it all on AIM, but i gotta learn these things ... its a process

    and to "growmore" thanks for the input brother. i totally agree with you!

    and i've been searching and reading as much info as i can on here. somethings are confusing , but im learning quite abit, just gonna be one of those things. kinda like when u get with a prude girl, gotta take it slow , but at the end you reep great rewards! hahaha

    thnx guys


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