ultradrol and trenazone stack your thoughts?

  1. Cool ultradrol and trenazone stack your thoughts?

    Hey everyone FNG here. I'm looking into trying some ultradrol. I'm 25 and have experience PH's mainly superdrol. Haven't taken a PH in over a year now. I take about 200g whey isolate a day, multi, fish oils, some kind of creatine and NO product, currently nitrix and kre alk.
    Anyways I was thinking of doing something like this:

    week -1-0 load up on liver longer and cycle support

    Week 1-6 ultradrol 12mg everyday.
    week 1-6 trenazone 75mg everyday.
    week 1-6 500iu HCG every 5 days.
    week 1-6 Cycle support or whatever you guys think is better?
    week 1-6 liver longer or idk?

    week 7 40mg nolva, liver longer
    week 8 40mg nolva, liver longer
    week 9 30mg nolva liver longer
    week 10 20mg nolva, liver longer
    week 11 10mg nolva, liver longer

    week 12 off everything??

    So what do you guys think? I want to do the HCG so I don't have shut down at all. I really hate suppressing test levels.. Where am I lacking? Like Walt Disney use to say how can we plus this? lol I am thinking maybe an AI at week 7-11 maybe? Do I need an AI? Maybe Forma Stanzol ?? and also I don't see people using the hcg on oral cycles much maybe there is a reason? IDK I have never ran the HCG..


  2. Do you guys think having a 5th and 6th week is going to be too much on the liver values and cholesterol? Also I probably won't be starting this cycle for 3-5 months when I get back up to 185-190 pounds.. I fell off a bit due to being stupid busy finishing my bachelors degree. now I have plenty of time being unemployed lol
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  3. Instead of using HCG you can use transaderm instead. It would help provide a test base thoughout your cycle and help with shutdown and libido.

    I think HCG is really unnecessary for this cycle. I would probably do a 1000iu shot two weeks before and then a 500iu shot a week before and that's it if anything. But that's just me and other people will tell you otherwise. Probably don't even need it.

    From what i've seen ultadrol is just as toxic as superdrol. Nolva is dosed way too high. 20/20/10/10/10.

    If you want to use an AI that's up to you....but I would do a low dose only. You could definitely do forma.

  4. Hcg is usually used on longer cycles where permanent testicular damage could occur. As far as I know. Never used it.
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  5. yea I def screwed up on the dosing of nolva. I'm use to using tamoxifen citrate which requires I forget like 1/3 more or something. Does the dosing look right for tamoxifen citrate?

  6. I don't think it's necessarily a bad idea to use HCG on this cycle. With two harsh compounds, he will be very shut down at the end. Taking HCG will definitely make PCT much smoother.
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