Deca/Winstrol/Test 1st time HELP!!

  1. Deca/Winstrol/Test 1st time HELP!!

    Hello Iam 27 5'4" @ 135 Im on a good diet and work out and looking into startting my 1st cycle I was thinking of something like this
    W1 600mg deca (50mg test ed)
    W2 600mg deca (50mg test ed)
    W3 300mg deca (50mg test ed)
    W4 300mg deca (50mg test ed)
    W5 - 300MG Deca /200MG Winstrol Depot (50mg test ed)
    W6 - 300MG Deca /200MG Winstrol Depot (50mg test ed)
    W7 - 300MG Deca /200MG Winstrol Depot (50mg test ed)
    W8 - 300MG Deca /200MG Winstrol Depot (50mg test ed)

    Clomid for 3 weeks after my last shot of Deca .100mgs for 10 days then 50mgs for 10 days. unless there is a better PTC.
    Any help please Im new ans small thats why im only doing 8 weeks
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  2. Curious, why are you mentioning 3 weeks after your last shot?
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  3. not 3 weeks later but 3 weeks of post cycle after my last shot... does this sound good or should i change anything?

  4. first, what kind of test?? 350mg a wk is kinda low too. Next, deca for 8wks??? too short, 12 at the min or drop it for something else. 200mg a wk of winny, again, too low. 50mg a day.

    Go something like this

    test e or c
    1-12 500 a wk
    1-12 400 a wk
    7-13 350 a wk

    50/50/25/25 clomid
    .5/.25/.25/.25 EOD adex

    tes C/E and deca will take 2wks to clear the system, so begin pct 2wks after the last time you pin.

  5. the reason i was going so low is b/c it is my first go and my weight being so low also... But I guess that it doesnt matter.. thanks for sayin somethin about adex! and thanks for the input.

  6. you could get away with 400mg of test buts thats as low as id go. running the winny you need to pin mon/wed/fri or 3x a wk. EOD would be best really. Tes E/C 2x a wk and tes P EOD, so make sure you know what your getting.

    BTW, how old are you bro??

  7. im 27 ...thanks again for the input i was going to pin just once a wk of the winny bc thats what one of the guys told me to do so with the deca do i split that up to or do i just do it once a week

  8. for my first go could you do me a favor and map out a good detailed cycle i would be greatful even if its in a PM and you dont think im to small for this....this is my day In Army mornings we do P.T. M- run T- muscle fail W- Ruck March 50 Lb. 8 miles Thurs- Muscle Fail Fri- 8 mile run after p.t. I eat usually 4 egg whites scrabled with ham cheese and peppers, cup of oatmeal yogurt, toast.. then a shake wich contains 580 cal and 54g pro. at work in to motor pool i eat a small snack ranging from mixed nuts, fruit, snadwich ...etc. b4 lunch lunch i eat baked chicken, starch, and a veg. then in between meals i drink a shake and eat a snack b4 dinner dinner is similar to lunch i go work out at the gym for an hr drinking a shake while there aftergym i drink a post work out.. and b4 bed i eat a snack and a shake that contains 1030 cal. and 57 grams of protien. add vitamins to the mix my metabolism is a monster b4 i started working out i weighed 113 3 yrs ago

  9. Why are you looking at mixing so many compounds in your first cycle!!!! I'd just run 400 or 500 mg's test e/c a week for 12 weeks. Your bodys going to go crazy enough on that alone. Keep it simple. Add the other stuff later when you want to fine tune your results and you know what the test does by it's self...

  10. it raises your test levels and of course we all know what natural test does ... so would i also take a estrogen blocker to help and a post cycle afterwards


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