Cons to running a M1t early in your PH career..

  1. Cons to running a M1t early in your PH career..

    If done a few transdermal cycle and next im thinking im going to do a injection 6 week cycle.... what would be the cons of jump starting it for 2 weeks with M1t I wasnt planning on trying M 1t for a while but I know its great to get a kick start on ur cycle...... Will I make less gains next cycle or anything.....???

  2. The only possible reason that you might make less gains next cycle would be due to the simple fact the bigger you get the harder it becomes to gain. Some people seem to be under the assumption every cycle has to be bigger than the next which I can tell you from experience that thats only true to a point. Sure if your ronnie coleman you might need massive doses but just because you use a high dose cycle once doesn't need you'll always need that to grow. I've went from high dose cycles to low dose cycles before and still gained. I obviously won't gain as much on 500mgs of test as I will on a gram but I will still get results. Diet and training is the reason most don't gain well. The only cons from running m1t is the risk of more sides. Some people can't seem to handle m1t while others have no problems with it.

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