Obviously, tamoxifene citrate is a terrible choice on cycle, if you are using a progestin/19-nor.

I usually run arimidex and/or aromasin..but i find that AI's really crush my estrogen easily, and I want to be able to experience a bloat on this bulking cycle. However, I'm gyno prone and have a lump under my left nipple which is not very apprarent, but is noticeable if looking closely.

I usually take masteron/anavar/test-prop and really dry type cycles.

This time around i'm doing:
350-600mg/NPP (nandrolone)
1100mg/Test Propionate
Humlog 10iu post/workout

So i'm looking at heavy androgenic and heavy anabolic, with heavy aromatase and progesterone activity.

For ancillaries I have on hand:
Arimidex, and Aromasin. Im currently using aromasin at 6mg/day, but I just began the dbol and the NPP, have been on the other stuff for a few months. I also have Cabergoline Tablets (pharm) at .25mg/peice...I'm not going to use these unless necessary. I'm assuming the high dosage testosterone/dbol/masteron will counteract the progesterone/prolactin sufficiently.

Rather than combating the bloat and killing the aromatase, can I simply ADD raloxiphene citrate to block receptors in the breast tissue? Does raloxphene upregulate the PR as nolvadex does?