5a0hp- 8 ml total-2ml morning (5am) 4ml (5pm) 2ml ( before sleep 10 to 11 )
M1D Black- 8 caps total 2 / 4 / 2 same times as above.
4 week cycle
I would love to spread the dosages out differently but my job keeps me away from my house for about 12 hrs.

Formadrol Extreme 2 morning 2 night for 3 weeks 1 morning 1 night for the 4th week.
Titanium 1 morning 1 night for all 4 weeks
Milk Thistle / Saw Palmetto / Multi- Vitamin / Glucosamine / Fish Oil / Vitamin C (mega dosing) / Hawthorne Berry.

I also have 2 tubs Of DA-HCG and a tub of DAA. Would u guys recommend DA-HCG over Titanium? Can i stack them? Is that necessary?
Should I save for another cycle? ( I am leaning towards this option.) When should i dose the DAA? i have read several conflicting issues on