Ostarine questions

  1. Ostarine questions

    So I ordered some ostarine and iv been researching it alot but there's so much conflicting info so I wanted to ask you guys with experience with this compound.
    1. Have u noticed any big difference in time for it to kick in when frontloaded vs. not frontloaded? And if so what were the dosages like?
    2. As far as controlling estrogen sides/estradiol levels, would adex work at .25 e3d? Or would adex be overkill?
    3. Do you like it more for cutting or bulking?
    Any input is much appreciated and thank you ahead of time
    you can lead a man to knowledge, but you cant make him think.

  2. I have run ostarine a few times for different lengths at different dosages
    1. When I frontloaded at 50mgs/day I started to see it's effects (increased pump, leaning) about 1week in. Where at running at 25mgs from start it kicked in about a week later.
    2. I did not see or notice any estrogen type problems. No bloodwork to prove it but I believe i did not have an issue. Of course everyone is different.
    3. The gains are lean muscle with some fat loss. Not as dry as s4 but still very lean. Could be used for either cutting or a bulk but do not expect any wetness
    How long do you plan on running it and at what dosage?

  3. Im still trying to decide when I'm gonna start it but I think im probly gonna run it at 12 ed for 6 weeks. Im tryin to get 2 6 week cycles out of one bottle. Im on a cut right now tryin to get to 8% bf and I'm debating whether to cut down to 5% with osta and eca or just do a lean bulk once I get to 8%. Idk yet but im really excited to try it
    you can lead a man to knowledge, but you cant make him think.

  4. The results I had on 25mg were far better than 12.5. Though I have read that some people saw good results from 12.5 so it may work for you.
    And 6 weeks is minimum I'd run for. By the time you get there you will want to keep running it.
    For a lean bulk it may be more beneficial to be ran at 25ed or you may be disappointed

  5. yea i think ill frontload and then run it at 12 for a cut. il probly up it to 25 one of the weeks to see how i like it. my goal is to save enough to run in pct for my next cycle cuz im probly gonna be flat broke on cash for quite a while lol
    you can lead a man to knowledge, but you cant make him think.

  6. If you frontload at 25 for a week then run at 12-15 you will still see good results if your diet and training are in check.
    This lifestyle sure isn't cheap
    Good luck

  7. Lol yea I know. The foods what really drains the wallet
    you can lead a man to knowledge, but you cant make him think.


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