I've heard of others not drying their powder long enough, and it causes the oil to appear cloudy, gel-like, or just not dissolving well. My trials for example on a 1 bottle ratio:
-1 g powder , 2ml BB, .5ml BA, and 7.5ml oil, in vial
-using a pot/pan to heat oil upto 110-115 C, adding my vial with solution (vented) & gradually rising the heat upto a stabil level of 130C
-i've let this heat for various times just trying to get my solution as clear and as dissolved as possible
-normally i would preceed to draw solution out of vial and place in syringe, add my .22 syringe filter & put into another vial.

This is my 1st time making prop from synovex. I have made from pre-made powders before though and never had this type of problem. My solution seems to clear significantly, but not turn completely clear. It seems to have small pcs still floating, but just sparingly and it stays that way when cooled. It doesn't look at all like the powder does when first mixed with the oil, while still cool and it's not a 1/10 as abundant. It seems to kinda look like very tiny gelly snowflakes, that look flat but appear opaque colored and soft looking.

I'm worried this contains some of my desired prop and it scares me to filter it yet because if it is my prop and I can see it undissolved, then of course the filter would catch it and id be left with plain ole oil only. If it's the binders/fillers from the original pellets that were left over, and I didn't just wash with enough water then my syringe filter should just catch them. Like I said they aren't abundant, just sparingly. It could also be some estrogen that I wasn't able to remove when washing with my distilled water.

**I just want to make sure its not prop, which should be dissolved/melted right between 118C-123C and unseen. Id just like to have a good idea or know for sure what this could be before moving on. I really don't think it's water, as the powder /crystals were baked at 170 for 3 hrs then set for an additional 3 days to ensure drying. Please any input appreciated or any similar situations people have had with this kind've thing.