Hey guys, to be honest, I am a first time poster, short time reader. Short is a relative term, because I have been researching for
countless hours trying to layout the perfect H-Drol cycle for me and actually my dad, but this thread is all about me. He can start his own
damn thread.

So first off I am a 22 college student and I am taking fall quarter off for an internship. I have a lot of free time and want to gain some mass while dropping some body fat. I am 6'1" 165ish, and would like to be 180 by January. I realize that this goal is completely doable with a meal plan and proper meal plan, but would like to dabble with a pro hormone.

I also realize that most people on these forums will give me crap for wanting to do something like this while I am so young. I have always had a very hard time packing on pounds and keeping them. Hence where Mr H-Drol comes in.

The Deets:

Week 1-2
CEL - Cycle Assist (Daily)
Fish Oils, Omega 3s

Week 3-6
CEL - Cycle Assist (Daily)
Fish Oils, Omega 3s
CEL - H-Drol______50/50/50/50

Week 7-10
CEL - Cycle Assist (Daily)
Fish Oils Omega 3s
Test Booster (?)

(Whey and BCAA's the whole time)

During the entire 8 week cycle I will be lifting 5-6 a week. Early on I will be focusing on gaining strength w/ an emphasis on high reps and proper form. Later in the cycle I'll be pushing as much weight as possible, trying to max out and really gain some mass.
I don't want to kick my dosage up to 75mg because I only want to go through one bottle(first proho).

My main questions, as with everyone else on this forum, what will be the best PCT for me? I have gotten a general consensus that H-Drol is a mild pro hormone, and as such, an over the counter PCT will suffice, but I think I am still going with Nolva.

What test Boosters do you guys recommend?
Should I be taking CEL's PCT Assist along with my PCT?
Did I miss anything?

So there it is fellas, what do you think?