How can I tell if my liquid Nolva is legit or not?

  1. How can I tell if my liquid Nolva is legit or not?

    I've read a lot of bad things about liquid tamox and not sure if I spent my money wisely. I havent even started my cycle yet, so I have time to order a replacement if need be.

  2. I found a website that sells nolva caps for real cheap from Iran, Australia, and India. Can this possibly be legit?

  3. To be honest, I don't know how you can tell if your Nolva is legit or not, it's all about buying from a respectable source.

    But... Can't go without tossing this one out there. How can you really tell? Welp, if after your cycle and PCT you have some moobs then there's a good chance that it wasn't legit
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  4. . . . I don't want to find out that way, lol. I've read conflicting reviews about the site I ordered from. Am I allowed to post the site?

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