Which Compound for Cutting?

  1. Which Compound for Cutting?

    First some background info. Im 23, 6'3", 232lbs and have been working out consistently for 6 years. The only experience I've had with a cycle was 3 weeks of winny 50/var 20 twice a day. I gain weight very easily and Im happy with my muscle development I would just like to lean up, while keeping all of my muscle mass. My cutting diet consist of lean meats, clean carbs and the usually protein, fish oil, etc.......

    I have the available chooses below

    -winny 50/var 20 all in one capsule.(I've had fair result with vascularity, hardness and strength from the 3 week cycle with no pct)
    -Test (will inject but not my preferable option)
    OR any other suggestion that would be good for my cut with low sides?

    I want to run a 8 week cycle and any help with pct for each one would be greatly appreciated

    I'M new to the forum and AAS/Pro-hormones, but i have been doing my homework for well over a year and this is my first post for help.

  2. katandrol and transderm

  3. You can run any AAS for cutting, but some bloat you which will skew the results of your cut. A common and popular "cutting" stack is Test P and Anavar.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

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