Anyone have any Gyno issues with Trenazone??

  1. Anyone have any Gyno issues with Trenazone??

    I have read good reviews of Trenazone, but I'm curious if anyone has had any prolactin type gyno issues with this compound?

    I ran the old X-Tren at 90mg and started developing a lump under one nipple which eventually went away. So, before I give Trenazone a test drive, I figured I had better check first and see what people's experiences have been.

  2. I'm running a Trenazone/Epi stack. I'm 10 days in, currently applying Trenazone at 1.2 mL ED. Epi is dosed at 40 mg from the second week on. I haven't noticed any sensitivity or puffiness of my nipples or pec area. I read a post over at PHF where lorax ran Trenazone at 1.5 mL ED and had bloodwork done. His prolactin levels dropped I believe. A google search of "trenazone prolactin levels" will get you to his bloodwork results.

  3. If you had a small bit of gyno i would run some Forma staznol 5 pumps am/pm for 3-4wks and lower your estrogen before starting the cycle. That should help rid your body excess estrogen which will help keep your body from having the flare up come back again.

    I would also take some anti-prolactin supps like vitex/p5p/L-dopa to prevent things before they start too.

    That said, Trenazone is not susposed to have all the potential sides of x tren or x tren clones. But I go by "rather safe than sorry" approach when i will be using it.

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