I'm planning to start a cycle of Beastdrol in 2 weeks. Complete my setup.

  1. I'm planning to start a cycle of Beastdrol in 2 weeks. Complete my setup.


    Beastdrol - 20, 20, 20, 20
    Tribulus - ???
    Fish Oil - 6 caps a day
    6 Liver tabs a day
    Milk Thistle - 4 pills a day
    Hawthorne Berry - 2 pills a day


    Liquidex - ???
    Novedex XT - ???
    Tribulus - ???
    Creatine - ???

    I also have Taurine, Post Cycle Support, and Epistane on hand. I could obtain Nolva probably if that's better than Liquidex.

  2. whoa there buddy. I can't tackle all of that in one sitting. But for starts liquidex isn't an alternative to nolva for pct. It's an AI, not a serm. Do some more research first my friend. Drop the trib, google the term SERM, forget the novedex.

  3. you want nolva the serm not novedex XT. Drop the tribulus and dont take any more than 600mg of milk thistle a day, too much of it effects muscle growth.

    Forged liver support would be a much better idea, im not sure what liver tabs are?? Hawthorn berry 4 caps a day. Is the post cycle ntbm combo pack or AI sports??. taurine is used on cycle for back and calf pumps.

    Do some more research and edit your posts and cycle layout, we will tweek it from there.

  4. Thanks for the responses!

    I will look into a liver support, I remember reading that superdrol clones are very toxic so that makes a lot of sense. The Post Cycle Support I own is from AI Sports. I read on a forum that I needed a natural test booster during the cycle and PCT (hence the tribulus), and that liquidex was an alternative to Nolva.

    I'll take your word for it and go for Nolva instead, since most of the stuff I've read never mentioned liquidex. Do I need a different natural test booster is it unnecessary?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Protege385 View Post


    Beastdrol - 10, 20, 20, 20
    Fish Oil - 9 caps a day
    6 Liver tabs a day
    Milk Thistle - 1 pill a day
    Hawthorne Berry - 4 pills a day


    Nolva 40/30/20/10
    AI sports Post cycle
    Forma stanzol 5 pumps am/pm for 5wks

  6. Thanks man. I looked into Forma Stanzol and DAA and bought both. I'm going to do exactly that for my cycle. Should I take 5 pumps am AND pm for the forma stanzol?

  7. yes it has a 12hr half life, at 5pumps am+pm the bottle will last 6wks.

  8. Ok, great. I think I have my set-up for when I start my PCT. I've been reading through more of the threads on beastdrol and forma stanzol, these forums have great information and posters. I'm glad I registered here.

  9. I ran a cycle of beastdrol last year while my buddy was on m drol..my gains were explosive..I put on 22 lbs. and lost 8 while on pct. I used nolva. Good luck man.

  10. thanks bro!

  11. I used nolva as pct after havoc, and thank the gods i did....dont even wanna know how my libido and gyno would have gone without...!
    Only thing i will consider without pct is a 3on4off pulse... Of sd ..But still have nolva just incase.

    I actually considered a 3week anadrol cycle for some quick gains, that i will not touch with a ten foot pole... Considering it is the worst gyno exploder;-)

    Dont do without a serm

  12. I did a 40/40/40/40 cycle of epistane (basically the same as havoc) without a SERM afterwards and didn't get any sides. But sdrol is completely different beast from what I read.


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