Dbol Dosing w/50mg Tabs

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  1. Dbol Dosing w/50mg Tabs

    Hey guys, it's been a while but I'm hoping for some advice from the 'ol AM crew. I'm about to run a test 350 (16wks @ 750mg), deca (10wks @400mg) & dbol (4wks @50mg) cycle. This will be almost exactly like my very successful cycle last winter, except I've go the test 350 instead of sustanon (15wks @600mg) and I'll be starting at 50mg of dbol instead of working my way up to it over 6wks since I didn't get any major sides at 50mg last time. I've got a solid PCT and supports supps ready to go, all the same as was successful for my last run (hcg, arimidex, clomid, cycle support, etc.).

    So, on with my questions. I'm well aware that I should split my dbol dosage out through the day, which I did last time, to keep the levels in my blood consistent. However, I've got a new supplier and the dude gave me 50mg dbol tabs. They're just large clear tabs with the powder inside. Now wtf am I supposed to do?

    1.) I guess I could take out the powder and "re-tab" them. That's all I can really come up with, but what do you guys think? Any suggestions?

    2.) Also, I'm just using logic in regards to starting the dbol dosing at 50mg, let me know what you think about that too. Like I said, no sides last time other than the typical bloat which is whatever to me. If it starts to bother me, I'll just take the arimidex.

    3.) And on a completely different note, I'm not very familiar with DAA but see that some people are starting to add that to their PCTs. Suggestions on that would be awesome. Right now I've got the clomid, natty test booster (testopro) and cortisol control (endoamp).

    As always, thanks guys. And I look forward to your responses.

  2. Imo treat the dbol like anadrol since its a high dose by the time u take ur next day dose there will still be some.left in ur body. And for pct use clomid and nolva 4wks then use erase and Daa 4wks. Imo Daa is similar to clomid no point to stack together but it is very powerful and u can stack into nolva/clomid as well

  3. Thanks for chimming in my man. However, I'm not familiar with anadrol, so I'm not exactly sure what you mean.

    And in regards to PCT, I thought nolva would be a no-no since I'm running deca?

    Also, are you suggesting 4 weeks with clomid/nolva and then 4 weeks with DAA and a test booster for a total of 8 weeks? Not so sure I'm making sense of your suggestion brother, please clarify.

    Anyone else have some thoughts?

  4. Anadrol is a steroid that comes inly in 50mg.I was just using it as example. Anyways yeah dbol looks good. 4wks of nolva and clomid. Nolva at 40mg 40mg 30mg 20mg clomid at 100mg 100mg 75mg 50mg after four weeks do four weeks of DAA and erase. Daa is test booster very good and erase is very strong estrogen reducing. So its like 2pcts kinda

  5. Very interesting PCT suggestion, never heard of anything set up like that. Have you run one like that before? Anyone else?

    And I'm still trying to figure out what to do with dosing the dbol. I guess I could just do my best to split the powder. Would I be able to put that in my shake or would that alter the compound somehow? Just never heard of anyone doing that.

  6. Yup I always do. Or something very similar to it. I don't ever suggest cutting pills or tabs.

  7. Right on. So I should just take all 50mg pre-workout then? Obviously it wouldn't be ideal but should I expect to experience any added sides or anything because of it?

  8. if you are worried about the Dbol you could do it on just your training days or space them out the maximum half life.

    also thats a pretty potent on the SERM use in PCT. maybe because your length of the cycle is long?

    I was thinking Nolva 40/40/20/20/10
    Clomid 100/50/50/25

    was solid. you dont want to over do the serms. Maybe this is more common on longer cycles which are more than your average 500mg of test and maybe some EQ or winny.

    DAA is great for PCT start 3grams a day either day 1 or day 22

  9. Man, I'm honestly more lost than I was when I started this thread.

    Again, I know I should space my dbol dosing but my problem lies in how I should do that with 50mg caps. Would it make the most sense to take the 50mg of powder out, split it in half and put that into three separate caps, 25mg for pre-workout and the other 25mg split two ways so that I could use 12.5mg in the am and another 12.5mg in the evening?

    And no one has addressed my concern with using nova after running a 19nor like deca. I thought this was definitely advised against to prevent possible progestin related gyno?

  10. Hmmm ok let's tackle this! Loll

    the dbol take it 45min pre workout with a proteinshake together.

    The pct after deca is nolva but I would add clomid as well since deca is some bad shut your dick limo stuff. I would also add hcg final 8wks if ur cycle. Use winstrol while on deca will avoid many of its sides, if u need something for sides while on deca pram or caber are good. From what I hear caber is more effective. Honestly man do hcg nolva and clomid.

  11. if you are that worried about prolactin just do a bid dose of clomid and little to none nolva. also prami is easier on your body but not s effective as caber. Winstrol or PH's like pstanz and androhard are good from preventing prolactin sides.

  12. Whew, thanks for helping to clear some of that up guys! So I'll do the single 50mg dose of dbol pre-workout. Should I just expect to not have the all-day pumps because of the short half-life, or will it's effectiveness be diminished as well?

    I've got some nolva laying around from my first cycle which I can run with the clomid at a lower dose during PCT. I've also got some bromo just incase, but didn't need it last year when I ran deca at 400mg/wk, so hopefully I won't need it this time around either.

    I'll also be running HCG for the second half or so of my 16wk run. I'd start week three if I had enough, but don't.

    Now back to the DAA, so it pretty much acts as the test booster from what I'm understanding, so I wouldn't need to run it during PCT at all if I'm using one, correct? Unless that is, I did a "second phase" with just an AI like Erase, as Jasen suggests.

  13. Either way id run DAA.caber sides were CRAZY. Never use 6bromo pct it will shut u down further

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Jasen View Post
    Either way id run DAA.caber sides were CRAZY. Never use 6bromo pct it will shut u down further
    isnt bromo different from 6-bromo like 6oxo?

    also buy DAA, its a must, its cheap as hell too. Find it on Nutraplanet for 16-20bucks!

  15. Definitely looking into DAA. Thanks guys.

  16. Personally I would run the nolva and clomid for 6 weeks. Maybe even 8 weeks total and use a very low dose for the last two. DAA could be started with the beginning of pct and run two months no problem. He's running a 4 month cycle and will be incredibly suppressed. An aggressive pct will no doubt help this problem.

  17. **** im on 1000mg wk for 6months my pct will be very heavy as well

  18. Well what would you guys think about this PCT layout?

    Clomid - 100/75/50/50
    Nolva - 40/30/20/20 (Jasen's previous suggestion)
    DAA - ?/?/?/?/?/?/?/? (not sure how to dose, never used it)
    Erase - 0/0/0/0/1/2/3/2/1 (saw this somewhere)
    TestoPro - 4 weeks, start week 2
    EndoAmp - 4 weeks, start week 2

    Sounds like a lot, but I am running 700mg test for 16 weeks, 400mg of deca for 10 weeks and dbol to kickstart, so I'm sure I'll be quite suppressed.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

  19. No need for test pro just dose DAA 3g a day. And erase just use 3 a day

  20. So no test booster, DAA at 3g for all 8 weeks and 3 Erase pills for the last 4 weeks?

    How's the SERM dosing look to you?

    Btw, thanks so much for all the input guys. Crazy how protocols can change so much in a year's time.

  21. start erase 21 days in at 3 caps a day till its out

  22. How well did you recover from your cycle last time? 16 weeks scares me!!
    Getting back into the swing of things

  23. Who?

  24. My last cycle w/sust @600mg ran 14.5 weeks (that's when I ran out), and I recovered like a champ. Hopefully I do the same this time.

  25. Mine was long one, sd anadrol test tren m1t crazy doses as well man recovery was a butch mainly from high doses of tren and m1t. Wish I had used hcg... but im good now


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