Dplex and Pstanz? experienced help needed

  1. Dplex and Pstanz? experienced help needed

    my first post but have been doing research around here for quite awhile, and got a question

    im looking to do a 6 week cycle, trying to recomp nicely with and easy pct.

    i was thinking mabye 100mg ed Dplex either standalone or with 300mg ed Pstanz. Would this be a good stack?
    Im open to suggestion, but i tend to be very estro sensitive.
    current stats are as follows
    6'4" 218 around 12% bf
    3500 Cals 40% Fat 40% Pro 20% Carb (body doesnt like carbs as much as i do)

  2. you should just pick either one to run for 5-6 weeks.

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