Testosterone - Coming off - Need Advise

  1. Exclamation Testosterone - Coming off - Need Advise

    I am coming to the end of a 6 week cycle of 200mg test injections twice a week. I have been taking an estrogen blocker orally as well. I have no guidance though on what to do next. Please advise me on what supplements to take and route to take in order to prevent any unwanted side effects or loss of my recent gains.

    All your help is greatly appreciated

    1st cycle
    29 yrs old

  2. Please tell us you have a serm?? if not order one asap as shipping will prolly take 1.5-3wks

    If you cant get one grab some HCGenerate, DAA and forma staznol. needto139 is good for 15% off at checkout at **********************
    forma stanzol is sold at mrsupps.com

    5 caps a day, at night, pre workout, whenever, just 5 a day
    3g's a day, again, whenever
    Forma stanzol (estrogen control)
    5 pumps am + pm for 4-6 wks.

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