Tough Time Have Questions-Cypionate/antidepressants

  1. Tough Time Have Questions-Cypionate/antidepressants

    I am a 45 year old man who has been on paxil and epival for 13 years for bipolar. It has been a godsend for me with no problems really in that time. Well For the last 12 weeks I decided to do a cycle of testosterone cypionate. I have been off of it for 10 days now and am in absolute suicidal depression and a complete mess. I also have a gastric ulcer. 2 doctors have told me the steroids need to metabolise through my system and then all will return to normal. Thats all I want is to feel normal again---does this sound reasonable that it just has to work its way out of the system? I feel like a menopausing 50 year old woman

  2. aw man, didn't you ever watch bigger stronger faster? depression + steroids is a recipe for disaster.

    why would you do that without researching it first?

    just keep telling yourself how good life is now that you are bigger & stronger than 98% of americans now. you are elite!

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