Ok, as most probably know, to keep "insulin patentable" they removed the c-peptide fraction of the chain… back in the day "Lente" was an insulin that had the c-peptides and also was raved about by the old school users of Lente.

Fast forward…all insulin has c-peptide removed.
Bear with my comparison here...My opinion is that this is the mentality of a car needing "gas" and filling it up with what would be 75% gas. Then expecting the engine to behave as if it had true 100% gasoline, (which it naturally requires to run correctly).

People who don't have a functioning pancreas REALLY would not want to put "75% real insulin" in there body, when normal people have "100% real insulin" for the body to perform correctly.
That 25% needed is the c-peptide chain.

My question is,
Where in the world would you find this c-peptide at? Or what would be the avenue that most likely deals with these compounds?
If they can remove it, then it is out there somewhere…

Thanks to all in advance.
Msg me if needed.