Legalize AAS!!! Important! All please read!

  1. Legalize AAS!!! Important! All please read!

    I have been a member of the online BB community for 10 years. The search for knowledge is what brought me to online message boards. I had been exposed through high school and college sports to training and diet to some degree but when changing my body to change how I looked became my priority I quickly learned that what I knew was not giving me the results that I wanted. I went online to learn what people who really live the life and walk the walk so to speak really do and I genuinely learned what it took to achieve what I was after.
    Today I am posting on a topic that affects the lives of all that come to these forums, that is the legality of drugs. Weather you use drugs to alter your physique or not does not really matter, simply by being on a bodybuilding message board and being part of this community you are impacted by the fact that many types of drugs are illegal or at least have the distribution controlled in ways that are not optimal for the user. We must address this issue and do what we can to change what is wrong, it is more than enough that many of us take chances with our heath that under a different type of system we would not have to take, but too also risk the loss of freedom and loss of most material possession in our life is simply too much.
    Please take just a few minutes as individuals to watch the short video that I have posted, while it mentions cannabis, it is not limited to that, cannabis happens to be the most popular and socially acceptable of our illegal drugs and easiest to target as a stepping stone towards total legalization. In my opinion AAS while a pretty taboo subject in many circles, could be one of the most visible and socially prevalent categories of drugs thereafter. Think about it, if all of the athletes, actors and, other “famous” types of people that use various AAS, peptides and other supplements came out and said it and stood up for what they do and believe in it is highly unlikely they would be so controlled in the first place.
    For the most part I feel like AAS users are some of the most responsible and socially productive of all the various illegal drug users, please take a few minutes out of your busy life to move us closer to a real solution to this problem, please do this rather than just bump up some thread about how sorry you feel for the next fallen brother.
    Thank you!

    since this is a new account i cant post the video, just check out the site, the video is there.

  2. bump for this guy

  3. There's no video and this is the second board I've seen this posted on today. Hmmm...
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  4. I cant post a video on some sites with a new account, if you go to you can see it, if you seach youtube you can see it. The web site is in the post.

    I find it so ironic that this post is like 10 below a post on a guy getting busted for possetion!
    The is no joke people!

    If we all stand up and do something simple we can make a difference. Unfortunitly most people are too lazey to do a thing to really help themself, they have no balls, no beliefe and no backbone. How many hours colectivly have the core people of this board spent online? you dont even need to stand up just click the video or type the address!

    We as American citizens need to stop being bullied by our useless government, we as American citizens need to set a real example for the rest of the world to follow, not just how to be fat stupid and lazey.

    I live this every day, do you? Is it what you want your kids to live with? Do something to make the world a better place!

  5. Im pretty sure that if weed isnt legal yet then steriods have a longggg way to go before there legalized. Just move to tiajuana. Everythings legal there lol
    you can lead a man to knowledge, but you cant make him think.



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