Power gel ?

  1. Question Power gel ?

    Can 15 grams of ph fit the power gel @ power nutrition ??

    Just wondering coz they only say 12.5g . But other manufacturers also claim that only 'n' grams can fit but others manage to put 'n+6' grams

  2. From my experience, No. Maybe if you dissolve it in increments, Otherwise, 15 grams probably would not fit into the bottle at the same time.

  3. I don't think you will get in more than 12. The reason the other company probably says that is an excuse for not putting more in. When you a selling a product people will buy based on how much you can put in, they are likely to err to the upper end, not the lower.

  4. Ah ic.. the reason that im asking because i saw reviews of Big1 and 4derm, and others were able to add 4 grams of other ph in it but the company claimed only 1g could be added.. but anyway im only thinking of adding 1.5g for each so maybe im still safe
    if the powergel could fit 15 then ill use it, but nobody has every tried it so i wont gamble my money on it..

  5. Good luck, the worst that can happen is your brew comes out grainy and you don't get optimal absorption.

  6. well the s1+ contains 7.5 grams so basically ill just be adding 1.5 to the Big1 and 4derm making them both contain 7.5 grams

  7. Shoulda purchased some T-Gel. Much better product.


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