A friend having pain with QV 250

  1. A friend having pain with QV 250

    I was discussing with my friend in the gym about AAS usage. Long story short hes been pinning (I dont use AAS and probably never will, not saying its a bad thing and I do enjoy learning) and he says whenever he uses the qv250 that area kills him. He shot into his butt and he said it knotted up for a week or so, then he switched to delts and whichever delt he does it in hurts like hell for a few days after (Accidently slapped his shoulder today =/ whoops ) Im trying to get some advice/info for him cause he doesnt have much acess to places such as these, just other ppl that have been pinning for a while.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by McBain
    Just thought I'd post some tips I've gotten in the past to reduce pains associated with injections. If you guys have any opinions on the ones I list or more to add feel free.

    1) Heat up the oil prior to injection
    2) Take an Ibprofen 1 hour prior to injection
    3) Throw heat on the injection site after the injection
    4) Massage injection site after the injection
    5) ALWAYS use a fresh needle
    6) Push the pin in slowly
    7) Throw ice on the injection site after the injection (this one is questionable, I've gotten a variety of opinions on this matter, to me it makes sense because it increases bloodflow to the area which will help the oil dispurse I would think).
    Don't know how much that helps, but you could give it a try.

  3. I use QV250 during my cycles and I have experienced the same thing some times. The biggest help for me was to heat up the solution and I also switch needles I use a 23G to draw and 25G to inject. With experience your friends hand will become steadier which IMO is the biggest cause of injection soreness. That needle is razor sharp so moving it around too much will definitely cause soreness.

  4. I've noticed that vet gear is hit or miss... sometimes you get a batch that is totally painless and other times it hurts. For this reason, i prefer to brew my own.

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