Androhard and Androlean PCT? Serm no serm, TRS w/ Serm, TRS w/AI, TRS solo......

  1. Question Androhard and Androlean PCT? Serm no serm, TRS w/ Serm, TRS w/AI, TRS solo......

    I have done a lot research on this topic and product. From what I have read on PH's in general is better safe than sorry. I HAVE EXPERIENCED THIS PERSONALLY WITH A RUN OF JUNGLE WARFARE SEVERAL YEARS AGO!!!

    I see that most are using the TRS for PCT only on this cycle.
    Then I saw PP rep say TRS and serm, then I see some logs say only TRS and/or something like Erase.
    What has been your experience?
    If did use a serm what would be the dose Nolva or Clomid. Just a low dose example: Nolva 40/20/20/10???

    Seems to be a lot of confusion around PCT for this product. As most reps, say TRS only, no matter how mild better safe than sory. Product is too expensive to lose gains because of poor PCT. Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. I always recommend a SERM


  3. Thank you for your help, what dosing would you suggest if its nolva?

  4. I'm running this and will be doing Nolva at the end, alongside Erase and DAA. Running Nolva 20/20/10/10.

    The lower dose nolva along with some boosters and whatnot seems to be a little bit of a standard for these from what I've gathered.
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  5. Low dose SERM with TRS is my recommendation, but SERM+TCF-1 would work as well (in addition to being a bit cheaper).
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  6. Just recently I saw someone who used Torem+TRS+TCF-1... immediately post PCT they had 800+ (may have been 600+) Total T. Pretty good considering it's immediately after PCT was over.
    Sustain Alpha is back!


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