Can Nolva go bad? -

Can Nolva go bad?

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    Can Nolva go bad?

    Hey guys,

    Just gotb in a bad car accident, shattered my hand, dislocated my shoulder, an to top it all off got a concussion. My question is, now that I can't lift for acouple of months, will my nolva go bad? Also, I have some 1ad and 4ad transdermals....are those gonna go bad too???



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    Sorry to hear about that accident, get well soon!

    Your **** should be fine. Everyone seems to think throwing your stuff in the freezer will keep it longer, but I don't know of any scientific basis for that.
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    most people think this stuff will be fine for at least a few years if kept in a cool, dry location. don't jump right back on PHs as soon as you start lifting again though, it could end up causing an injury...anyway, muscle memory goes a LONG way in recovering lost gains.

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