Greater side effects if you start weight lifting by taking steroids to help you?

  1. Greater side effects if you start weight lifting by taking steroids to help you?

    Good afternoon's been a log time since i have been on here and i wanted to get your opinion

    Do you think there is greater sides by beginning weight lifting by taking steroids? I am asking because i have a friend who started taking steroids right off the back to begin weight lifting. He began lifting probably two or three years ago with about five 10-12 week cycles. I took one cycle of superdrol two years ago, but other than that i have been natural. I have no problems with people taking steroids that are pushing the "as big as i can get natural envelope", but starting off with steroids has to do more damage to the joints and body than easing into it. Just wanted to get your two cents because i believe five cycles starting off the bat in 2-3 years isn't the smartest thing. Let me know. Thanks Guys.

  2. Assuming 4 or 5 10-12 week cycles is between 40-60 weeks on gear in 2-3 years. Yeah I'd say that is too much. Esoecially since when you start you have great gains anyways.

    I see steroids as a plateau breaker after years of dedication. There's no easy way out

  3. well i guess this deserves the old adage. would you build a house without a foundation?

  4. exactly...he is a big boy and it is really none of my business, but i really don't want him to hurt himself by just starting off hardcore. I think he is addicted to the mental high that the drugs give him especially since he doesn't know lifting other than on the juice. Oh well i just wanted to see if anyone knew of any specific effects of taking the drugs right away he thinks his sides will just be the same as everyone else's.

  5. When you say "side effects" I think most people would think you're talking about blood pressure, liver health, back pumps, sleep disruption, lethargy, libido drop, etc... not long-term structural problems within the body. Assuming that he leads a generally healthy life, doesn't drink on cycle, and takes proper support/PCT supps, he former probably won't be much worse than an experienced guy with regards to "side effects".

    However that doesn't mean that he isn't dealing with special risks that experienced guys aren't. You already mentioned joints and you're right about that. Bones, ligaments, and tendons need time to adjust to increased force from the muscles and extra weight on the frame, and those probably aren't getting any help at all from superdrol. There are stories of guys who have ruptured their achilles just from getting too strong too fast, without even trying to do any running or reactive movements. There's also general cardiovascular preparedness and ability of the heart to pump enough blood to feed the muscles...

    I don't think it's a horrible thing to speed up your progress a little, even if you're relatively new to the game, provided that you do your research and do things in a careful way. But your friend just sounds reckless, like he thinks he's playing a video game or something.

  6. I also forgot to mention that the dude can't take this stuff forever, and if all he knows is lifting while "on" then he's probably not gonna last once he has to come down.

    You probably don't even need to mention this to him. Just wait a year... when you're still making progress and he's burnt out and lazy, you can think yourself "I told you so".

  7. Thanks for the info.

  8. How are his testicles doing?


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